Learn How To Play Drum Solos!

Welcome to DrumSoloSystem.com! The website totally dedicated to Drum Solos! Let's be honest, the part of drumming every drummer loves the most is Soloing! Whether you are a seasoned drummer, or beginner, everyone can solo. Soloing allows you to truly express yourself in a very musical way. The Drum Solo System will teach you how to build your solos in ways that captivate and shock your audience.

Drum Soloing comes in various forms, that’s why the Drum Solo System is here! A drum solo can be very fast, very short, very melodic, or very basic. There is a time and place for every different kind of solo. Become the best drum soloist in your community with this unique training system.

Learn how to play a killer drum solo, learn how to use drum showmanship, and even learn how to communicate and read the crowd. All these tips and skills are very important to every drummer. Just by learning some valuable soloing skills can increase your skill as a live performer, and in turn help you get more gigs and jobs as a drummer. Do not think of these lessons as quick tips in becoming a flashy drummer, but rather think of them as lessons to better your skills as an overall drummer.

DrumSoloSystem.com will show you how to set up your drum set to get more from your crowd. Even simple things like cymbal height and tom set up can change the feel of a solo. Beginner drummers do not worry, you will be guided with step by step instructions on building a solo so face melting, you would think its coming from a professional like Neil Peart!

Whatever your skill level is, please feel free to look around this completely free drum soloing resource. Bookmark this site if you want, that way you can always be checking back for updates regularly!

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